Wednesday, September 24, 2014

18 Months: Music

After taking some time off to get used to life with two girls under two, we had a fantastic week learning about music! We chose the Baby Loves Jazz book series by Andy Blackman Hurwitz to structure our week. Each book came with a CD to go along with the book. Little Cutie absolutely loves dancing to music even if it is just from a commercial on TV, so I knew she would enjoy this theme.

Music Is by Lloyd Moss
Music by Neil Ardley
Baby Loves to Rock by Wednesday Kirwan

Philly Joe Giraffe's Jungle Jazz (Drums)
Philly Joe Giraffe plays the drums. The CD had mini drum lessons that we practiced with...mostly it was just different beats. We don't have a drum set (thankfully!), so we made our own drum using a plastic container and some pencils for drumsticks. A short and fat container would have worked better, as ours kept falling over, but Little Cutie was really getting into it!

Duck Ellington Swings Through the Zoo (Piano)
Duck Ellington plays the piano. In the book, he plays the piano for different animals in the zoo, so we were able to talk about animals too. We have a Little Tikes Tap-a-Tune piano that Little Cutie played along with the CD.

Miles the Crocodile Plays the Colors of Jazz (Trumpet)
Miles the Crocodile plays the trumpet (another instrument we do not own). In the book, he plays different songs based on different colors. The lighter colors seemed to be more upbeat songs and the darker colors were more mellow. This also gave us an opportunity to review color.

Ella Elephant Scats Like That (Vocals)
Ella Elephant scats. We talked about how our voices can be used as musical instruments through singing, or in the case, scatting.

There are three other characters in the series that we did not read:
- Charlie Bird Counts to the Beat (Saxophone)
- Louis Lion Sings Goodnight (Vocals)
- Mingus Mouse Plays Christmastime Jazz (Bass)

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