Welcome! I'm Lauren, wife and stay-at-home momma to two little girls, Little Cutie and Little Sister.

I started Our Little Ducklings in May 2014 as a way to document our homeschool journey. We had never planned to homeschool, but after doing some research decided we would try it out. We aren't sure how long we will continue to homeschool our kids, but for the time being, it's what we'll do.

I do not have any formal education in educating little ones, but I am a youth swim coach, so I'd like to think that I at least have some experience. My family boasts almost 10 education professionals ranging from elementary to the collegiate level and I always thought I could become a teacher if I needed a "back-up" career. I guess this is my chance!

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you find some ideas that you can use in your own home, whether you are a homeschooler or not!

Please feel free to e-mail me at ourlittleducklings@gmail.com and follow me on these social sites: