Monday, June 2, 2014

Preparing for Toddler School

This was a familiar scene in our playroom. One of the first courses of action I took to prepare our home for toddler school was to clean up the toy clutter. As Christmas and Little Cutie's first birthday came and went, the toys started to pile up. I used baskets (and even diaper boxes) to corral it all and would clean it up every night before I put Little Cutie to bed. I finally decided enough was enough.

First, I went through all of the toys and put the baby toys into storage (like teethers and car seat toys). Then I moved some bookshelves around our house. At the time we had a small bookshelf with 3 shelves in the playroom for books, while a larger 9 cube shelf was in her bedroom (with more books, but also miscellaneous storage). I decided to switch them so we could have more shelves in the playroom.

This is the current state of our playroom. I would eventually like to get a child sized table and chairs, but our red ottoman will do for now. As we start "school," we may find that a different arrangement will work better and we'll move things around.

I will be switching up what is on the shelves every week, depending on our theme. Right now, I just put a few of her toys on them. I think she has enjoyed having some of her toys on display. She plays more with those then all the ones stuffed into the baskets. As we get ready to begin, most of these toys will be going into storage to be rotated with other toys.

Our first theme is going to be shapes and I can't wait to get started!

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